Dawkins Post Office & Tailors in Chigwell, Essex abt. 1910


A free genealogy website for the Dawkins name and variants. The Family Trees are held in a searchable database. That is because the software used here (The Next Generation) dynamically generates all the trees and reports you could wish for, automatically updating the pages as the information in the underlying database changes. You will always see the most up to date information! You can view the BMD, Census and Parish Register information without registering but you will need to register to view the family data as this has been donated by several kind folk. Most of the families here are from England, I have very few Dawkins families from the USA. Please consider letting me have a copy of your family file. If you wish to add your family to the database, contact me and I will grant you permission to upload your file, or add it for you.
Don't forget this is a work in progress and there are new additions on a regular basis. New additions are found on the What's New page.
I've just updated the Parish Register/Baptism Pages, there are now over 2000 Dawkins names listed see here Baptisms and use the search facility.

What you will find

Once registered you can search and view the data. You will find my own Essex and Warwickshire families. Other Dawkins families from Essex, London and from various counties that have either been contributed or have been found by me.
All the BMD Indexes, Census, Military Records and Parish Registers are now available for viewing without the need for registering.

Dawkins families were predominantly found in the counties of Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and South Wales. See the distribution maps for more information.

Once you have selected an individual you can display their information as part of an Individual fact sheet or switch to a Pedigree or Descendancy view whichever suits you. Clicking on a Group Sheet ID Number will give you the Family Group report. In any of these views you can follow the links through earlier and later generations: the pages are all dynamic so feel free to roam.